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Sharpron Jet Token is the Sharpron Jet native utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Users can use Sharpron Jet Token card for payment, online shopping and can also stake their crypto asset to Earn Reward. Sharpron Jet Token automatically sends rewards directly to your wallet anytime you stake. The more SJET you hold and stake, the more tokens you will earn.

We believed that community power is most powerful element of success and as a result we offer one of the best rewards for user who stake their crypto asset. Just stake and hold for the best reward ever.


Product Details

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There is a 20% discount whenever you use SJET token card for shopping or to make payment on our online store, and this will generate more outside demand for our Sharpron Jet (SJET) token

Earn more tokens by staking

SJET + Stake

APY 80% - Daily. 0.161%

SJET 90 days - Lockup

APY 120% - Daily 0.240%

SJET 60 days - Lockup

APY 70.92% - Daily 0.146%

SJET 30 days - Locked up

APY 40% - Daily 0.092%
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Phase 1
✔ Project Idea and Concept
✔ Logo Design
✔ Website Development
✔ Launch Social Media platform
✔ WhitePaper Creation
✔ Create Utility Function for SJET token
✔ Marketing campaign
✔ Sharpron Jet Token Creation
✔ Presale Launch
✔ List on PancakeSwap & Lock Liquidity
✔ List on voting website
Phase 2
✔ CoinGecko Listing
✔ CoinMarketCap Listing
✔ Influencer / Social Media Marketing
✔ Form Partnerships
✔ TRUST wallet logo update
✔ Smart Contract Audit
✔ Exchange Listing
✔ Stake and Earn
✔ Airdrop Promo
Phase 3
✔ Sharpron Jet NFT store
✔ Non-stop Marketing Campaign.
✔ More to be announce

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